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Deborah was born into a  family of equestrian experts, she continues her training in Italy, where she lives since 1985. During a holiday in the USA she took part at a seminar done by Dr. J.Harman called “Whole Horse Whole Rider”; here started her interest in Centered Riding and Tteam and in 1995 she began her Tteam apprenticeship in Switzerland, Germany and USA becoming the first Tteam “Practitioner” in Italy in 1998. Since that moment Debbie continues improving herself and trying to convey the Centered Riding and Tteam philosophy to others.

Comments of the TT.E.A.M. Clinic

"...Our weekend at Il Paretaio for the TT.E.A.M Clinic has been a great experieince......." Faith B.

Tteam stages

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