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Children's Programme

riding camps for young riders

Il Paretaio is a centre affiliated with the F.I.S.E and Csain (working with the BHS), and for more than 20 years we have organised riding camps for young riders. The quality of our teaching is extremely high with our pupils ranging from beginners to riders already competing.

: a) 14/20.06.2015; b) 21/27.06.2015

Age group
: 8 - 16 years

- Riding activities: From lessons for absolute beginners through to dressage for riders with more experience including dressage excersises to help show jumping.

- Throughout the summer as part of the weekly programmes we include games, vaulting, quadrille to music and mini competitions for our young riders.

- Preparation for competition (you can particpate with your own horse)

- Circus course: organised by teachers from the Circus School in Turin they follow the children in athletic preparation and learning while having fun. It is an incredible way to improve coordination and balance and to help improve self esteem. We practise Juggling in various forms, Trapeze and Gimnastic acrobatics.

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riding camps for young riders

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