Teatro Room: a quadruple room for your family holidays in Tuscany


country house in tuscany

The rooms all have an individual style but always using Tuscan traditions- AC available

Teatro (Theatre): A large and quiet room with the atmosphere of a church due to its beautiful high ceilings. It can take 4 people comfortably. It is called the theatre because its rounded walls remind us of a theatre’s stage.   

Volta (Vault): Another room with plenty of space and a large open ceiling. It has an almost imperial bathroom, with a bath and a beautiful piece of furniture from the 1700’s. It is doted with a particular luminosity due to the room and bathroom facing south, as well as access to the garden. This room can host 3 people comfortably.

Manfiatoia: A  charming room that used to be a stable. Arched ceiling. 

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country house in tuscany

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