Horse Riding at Il Paretaio


With a history stretching back 28 years as a horse riding center and directors boasting 40 years’ horse riding experience, Il Paretaio is one of the most internationally renowned horse riding schools, thanks to the quality of our teaching. At our traditional horse riding and holiday center in Tuscany, we have over 30 horses, including the Lusitano, Anglo-Arab, Sella Italiano, Holsteiner, Arab, Kwpn, Maremmano, Merens and Pony breeds. We are members of the F.I.S.E (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) and recommended by the English T.T.T. (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow) association. We have been mentioned in horse riding magazines with the greatest world-wide distribution such as Horse&Rider UK, Your Horse UK, Dressage Today USA, Horse&Hound UK, Pferd&Reiter, Cavallo Magazine and Il Mio Cavallo. Our center is found in the midst of the spectacular Chianti region with its breath-taking landscapes, forming the ideal backdrop for free riding, dressage and horse riding lessons.

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Lessons are our specialty, divided into 3 different levels. They are usually individual or shared between 2 or a maximum of 3 riders, so that the instructor can focus on the smallest of details. Horses are assigned based on the rider’s preference and level.

  • Beginners are offered a safe way of getting into horse riding.
  • Advanced beginners are offered lessons to broaden their knowledge and take the horses out for a stroll with our guides.
  • The most expert riders can attend dressage and jumping lessons with a personalized program in line with their needs. You can also bring your own horse to lessons.

Our programs


We offer  week-long horse riding holiday programs with board.
We can also create made-to-measure programs for full immersion or short breaks.

There are  F.I.S.E. or B.H.S. (British Horse Society) approved Instructors.

We also organize stays for kids aged 8-16 in the second half of June. They can attend beginners’ or advanced courses. In addition, to horse riding, there will also be an optional “Circus” course run by professional teachers from Turin’s Circus School. 


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The training method we use is based on traditional equestrian principles, of use to anyone who competes in dressage or jumping. Our professional and academic training as well as our professional background include many years’ study with Pedro Batista De Almeida, the mentee of master rider Nuno Olveira. Under his guidance, we have had the opportunity to work with over 100 stallions at the Portuguese State Horse Center. More recently, we have participated in a number of overseas apprenticeships with major traditional riders. We were deeply inspired by the lessons of Charles de Kunffy and Arthur Kottas.

At our horse riding center, we organize courses for dressage beginners. Indeed, many guests compete in jumping and just want to learn the basics of dressage to gain optimal control over their horses. At Il Paretaio, we run weekly courses all year round, in which people can participate with or without their own horse.

We also have a program specifically designed to prepare horses and riders for jumping, based on the principles that have always defined us: cooperating with the horse, soft use of  the aids and finding balance and harmony.

Basic horse riding and hacking

Both basic and dressage lessons are directed with the greatest of care for the rider’s safety and peace of mind so that visitors can learn stress-free and work on relaxation techniques to feel balanced on the horse. The instructors do all they can to keep the horse as calm and confident as possible. Our guests always give us a lot of compliments on the easy-temperedness, good nature and obedience of our horses – which work with different riders almost every day!

You can explore the charming surroundings on free rides, visiting local villages and castles, or areas of unspoilt nature with many wild animals (deer, hare, pheasants, badgers, wild boar, porcupines, falcons and many other bird species). You can take a half-day or a full-day stroll with your horse. You can stop and enjoy local products and taste wines at the farms along the way

Riding weeks for kids

Courses for children above the age of 4 accompanied by their parents are always available.
In the second half of June, we organize two riding weeks for children aged 8-16, without parental accompaniment.

Riding activities: from lessons for complete beginners to competition preparation lessons, for dressage or jumping (you can bring your own horse).

English: horse riding lessons and many other activities can be run in English or even with a native English speaker on request.

Circus Course: run by professional teachers from the Turin Circus School.

We consider this activity an important adjunct to the development of participants’ coordination and balance as well as an excellent means of boosting their self-esteem – Activities: Juggling – Trapeze – Acrobatics. The Circus Course is optional (paid for on-site, separately from the fee for the horse riding week).

Giovanni De Marchi

Giovanni De Marchi started horse riding at the age of 10 at the Garbagnate Sporting Club. His teacher was Nicola Fouqué, who, seeing strong passion for the sport in the young rider, accompanied him to the riding yard so that he could take lessons. After many years’ horse riding around the stables, Giovanni discovered traditional horse riding. Later, alongside his wife Cristina, he would go through the most important phases of his training: the pair first met Luis Valenca and then Pedro Batista de Almeida at the Allevamento Nazionale Portoghese. Since then, he has participated in many apprenticeships, particularly in England at Training the Teachers of Tomorrow.

Cristina Libardi

As a child, Cristina Libardi would train (or at least try to!) any animal that crossed her path: cats, dogs, hamsters, even grasshoppers (making jumping competitions for them), and she inherited her great passion for horses from her grandmother. Alongside Giovanni, she decided to move to Tuscany in the Chianti region, to devote herself to their shared passion of traditional horse riding. Following on from her experiences with Giovanni in both Portugal and England, Cristina further deepened her knowledge of body awareness and everything that can improve the rider-horse relationship, both physically and mentally. She organizes courses on Centered Riding, T.Team and Yoga, among other things. She is currently working alongside her son Pietro on the use of the principles of traditional horse riding in jumping activities.

Pietro De Marchi

Despite his tender age, Pietro already has significant experience. He started riding as a child and soon started attending lessons at the Federazione Italiana and the prestigious British Horse Society, gaining the titles of level 1 F.I.S.E.-approved instructor and B.H.S.A.I. from the B.H.S.

He has pursued his competitive career at the same time, first in dressage and then in jumping, benefiting from the teaching of some of the best Italian and foreign riders. His key awards include Gold at the Regional Dressage Championships, Silver at the Italian Youth Jumping Championships and Silver at the Italian Jumping Championships, in the Junior classification, as well as many more other classifications and wins in national competitions and two international wins.