A"human cone" as a reference point

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Very often we use this exercise to help riders to focus on direction. Sometimes riders struggle to mantain consistent-sized circles. To help the riders to ride a perfect circle I position myself either inside or outside the circle (just half a meter away) asking them to use me as their point of reference passing in front or behind me as if I were a cone.

The incentive to avoid trampling me encourages the riders to be exacting in the geometry of their circle.

I also use this idea of a "human cone" to help riders develop their horse's attentiveness after a fence. For example I can ask someone to stand 50 feet away from a small vertical on the landing side, centered with it. The rider will trot to the fence, jump it and come to a walk before the "human cone". The impetus to not stampede the person will compell the rider to focus on riding the downward transition effectively.

After riding this exercise a few times, the horses become more attentive and willing to respond to the riders' aids.
Il Paretaio 2015-06-23