Animals are marvellously non-judgemental

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Creature Comforts

Our big, complex brains think up big, complex problems, while other people can be just as exhausting. when such a feeling hits, there's nothing to beat the best listener of all: an animal pal. Not only are animals marvellously non judgemental, their company reminds us of simple pleasures - there's nothing like a good meal and a belly rub.

In the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Bedouin tribes developed traditions to survive their stark environement. One was animal husbandry, and the bond between Bedouin and horse was particularly strong. The Arabian horse was revered, and equestrianism was conisidered one of the most important parts offurusiyya, the warrior's arts, and the horse was celebrated in poetry and song.

Not everyone can own an Arabian stallion, but you could give a dumped cat or dog a loving home. Even some time spent watching the birds flitting among the trees or a spider spinning its web can lift you out of your mental maze and tune your ears to nature's gentle call.

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Il Paretaio 2015-06-23