I first visited this beautiful horse riding centre in Tuscany in 2004.....

logo cavallo il Paretaio
I first visited this beautiful horse riding holidays center in Tuscany in 2004 with the idea to stay for around 2 months. 9 years have passed by and I am still here! Originally from Birmingham in the UK, life is a little different now! During my first few months I fell in love with the magnificent landscape surrounding Il Paretaio and the method in which lessons were taught and horses trained.

I will never forget my first riding out through the vine yards surrounding the horse riding centre, it was late september in the evening sun and the vines seemed to be on fire they were such a vibrant orange. Since then I have trained to become an Instructor following the classical training of Cristina and Gianni that they have been passing on to many riders throughout the last 25 years. Lightness, balance, harmony are the best words to describe what I have found here (both in the horses and in the way of teaching) and what I continue to pass on to all the riders that come to take dressage lessons at this classical horse riding centre located in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany.

Over the years I have bought a lusitano mare to enjoy myself, I have even started to teach my ex Pony Club teacher who used to give me lessons with my ponies many many years ago!
Staff Il Paretaio 2015-12-20