In our horse riding philosophy simple is better

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In our horse riding philosophy simple is better:we think that first of all the communication between the horse and the rider must be simple and we have to make sure that it is understandable for the horse.At our Horse holiday riding centre in Tuscany we give lot of importance to good basic training for a horse. Most of the time, when we encounter a problem while personally riding a horse or while teaching a rider, we find the best solution is to simply take one step back. I do not mean literally walking backwards but just making it simpler for the horse. For example if you are having a problem performing an exercise in the trot try going back to walk and making it clearer for you and the horse. If your horse becomes strong on the bit try going back to suppleness with some lateral work instead of insisting on the same pattern with the risk of having a stronger and stronger horse. If one step is not enough then go back to something even simpler; for example if you are having problems in a canter exercise and you cannot find the right exercise to solve that problem in canter, go back to trot. If it's still too difficult in trot and you find it difficult to re-establish harmony then it will be worth going back to walk. These are just simple examples to explain that when we have a problem most of the time it is because the horse is showing that he cannot execute that exercise in that particular moment and very often this happens because we were not clear enough with our aids while making our request. In our equestrian centre in Tuscany the school horses are very seldom against the rider because we use this method of understanding, calmly explaining what the horse needs to make an exercise correctly.
Staff Il Paretaio 2015-02-28