Listening to the horse when you ride

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Listening to the horse when you ride is one of the most important training tools that we teach at Il Paretaio. My husband and I have been teaching to over 10.000 students at our Horse Riding Centre in Tuscany so we can say that we have a wide experience. Therefore we can make some considerations about some habits that can affect good riding and the capability of listening to the horse.

We have found that one of the main problems in riders is that they often do things without paying attention to the reaction of the horse. Our aim is to start a rider or to retrain an experienced rider to listen to the minimum changes in the horse giving himself and the horse the time to feel it.

Time is in fact another important factor that very often is not taken enough into consideration by riders and horse riding instructors.

Very often we see reactions of impatience by riders that, even just leading a horse, do not give him enough time to answer to a request. Again, in our weekly horse riding programmes, we insist on the importance of taking the time to allow the horse to understand the commands both on the ground (leading, lungeing, working the horse on hand) and riding them. Obviously at Il Paretaio, our horse riding centre in Tuscany, the situation to work on and develop these important items is idylic because the riders find themselves in a totally isolated place surrounded only by beauty and calm.

The horses and the horse riding instructor will lead the student to find a subtle and deep connection with the horse giving him the time to do it and not being pressed by the normal routine of life that many riders have at home. in this special situation they can dedicate time to the horse riding details, often discovering very important sensations that can improve enormously their riding performance.

Our nice relations with horses

Our nice relations with horses make our communication easy. We never fight, we try to understand the horse. Very often problems come from physical reasons and not for lack of cooperation. It is such a fantastic experience to feel that your horse is a friend ready to listen to you and happy to be with you! This is our way of being and thinking at Il Paretaio, a horse riding holidays centre in Tuscany specialized in classical riding and dressage.
Staff Il Paretaio 2015-12-25