Lunging the rider to get a fantastic seat!

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In our horse riding holidays centre in Tuscany we believe that longeing the riders is extremely important in order to reach a perfect seat.

Through appropriate exercises the rider will gain an independent seat and will be able to concentrate on another very important tool for riding: conscious breath work.

It does not matter the level: from beginners to advanced riders, any rider will get great benefit from being longed because we can concentrate 100% on our balance without worrying about anything else. This is extremely important in fact the philosophy of riding at our equestrian centre Il Paretaio is that only a perfect balance will lead a rider to a deeper connection with the horse. Longeing a rider will also bring him to develop a stable, correct and elegant seat.

With our experience of more than 27 years of teaching we can definitevely assure that put on the longe line, any rider will achieve his goals and will feel much more secure because he will trust much more his balance.
Staff Il Paretaio 2015-11-30