My Happy Addiction

logo cavallo il Paretaio
by Cecilia Marcus

I won't deny it!

I am addicted to Il Paretaio, which is why I have visited twice a year for the last 12 years.

I have learned so much from Cristina and Gianni about the Classical approach to dressage which stresses gentle communication with their very special horses, rather than strong-arming them into submission. In October, after 12 years, Cristina finally deemed me a calm enough rider to ride Squibb, a delightful, highly-schooled Arab mix.

I already had a relationship with him, having helped out in the barn on various occasions and having given him hugs and carrots over the years. I cannot describe the thrill of riding such an animal, whom I felt cared about me and gave me so much generous leeway, rather than balking at my sometimes inept use of the aids. I have been able to apply so many, many of Cristina and Gianni\'s equitation principles to my riding at home, and always impress my trainer with my newly-gained improved riding skills when I return to New York.

I have, with their help, been able to overcome longstanding anxiety on a horse stemming from a jumping accident and am now a pretty confident rider! I eagerly look forward to my next visit on April 25 of this year. The beautiful landscape surrounding Il Paretaio has inspired me, a painter, to paint many watercolors trying to capture the ineffable, ever-changing vistas which vary greatly depending on the light and weather conditions.

I feel like a member of the family each time I return to Il Paretaio and am warmly welcomed by Cristina, Gianni, son and instructor Pietro, daughter Giorgia, Elide (Cristina\'s mother) and the terrific members of the staff. The peace, quiet and warmth I feel at Il Paretaio is a wonderful antidote to my hectic, stressful, New York existence!
Il Paretaio 2015-07-06