Our horses, Our friends

logo cavallo il Paretaio
I think that lots of people come back at Il Paretaio because of this special relationship we have with our horses.

When I say "our horses" I mean the horses that are ridden in the lessons and in the ride out by our guests and then retrained in the low season , when we do not have guests ,by ourselves.

What we teach iour riders is s actually how to make the horse do something with pleasure.The idea is that when we ask the horse to do something he must understand how to do it and very often we find riders who come here and they are not really clear or light with the aids. The other important thing is that you have to ask and the way you ask.

If the horse is not forced to do something and your idea will become his idea then you will reach a great goal. We think that it is very important to respect our horses thought and feelings and this is very important for us because we believe that evey horse you ride can be your friend. This is, perhaps, the reason why many riders leave Il Paretaio saying that our horses are really "special".

They are not special, they are normal horses but it is the way we approach them that makes them so confident in us that you will feel them "special".
Il Paretaio 2015-06-23