Outstanding horse riding training

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Outstanding horse riding training

Posted by Taurus Munich- Villas Austria in Guestbook

“Outstanding horse riding training jointly with wonderful vacation” This was now the third time, that we spent our vacation at the horse riding centre Il Paretaio, in Tuscany. But this time, we asked, if we could bring our own horse with us to get the maximum out of the training. This idea turned out to be excellent. We bought our horse 2 years ago and beside, that he is a wonderful horse, he started to run after a canter quite often. So Gianni and Pietro both rode Lenni and gave the same diagnosis. The former owner rode him with a very strong bite, which made him fear of the pain, so he run. What can I say, after two weeks intense training our horse stopped this behavoiur, also he did not "role" away from the bite, but accepted it again. And we gained a lot more confidence in our horse, which makes it now much more pleasant to ride him. The abilitly of Gianni and the other teachers to feel what horse and riders need is outstanding. This jointly with the whole atmosphere at Il Paretaio, the food (I was not brave enough to check my weight when we came back :-)), just made it unforgetable. Thank you very much - we learned more in 2 weeks in Il Paretaio, than in 2 years with local trainers before!

Il Paradiso

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Dear fellow traveler, If you love horses, magnificent vistas of rolling fields and ancient hilltop villages, gracious welcomes, delectable meals, and kindness in all things human and equine, you have found your home. Il Paretaio Classical Riding Center and B & B caters generously to all needs for expert equestrian training, from world-class dressage to aspiring beginners and provides elegant rustic accommodations in a delicious atmosphere of gentility, comfort and profound natural beauty. As comfortable for non-equestrians as for impassioned riders, Il Paretaio was our logical choice when my husband and I made plans to explore Tuscany. Mornings, I trained in the classical equestrian arts with Cristina, my expert and heavenly coach, while my husband watched ringside and planned our daily adventures to Montereggioni, Siena, Chianti and beyond. Each night, we returned for a glorious evening in the 'great room', gathered together by the fire with Cristina, her husband Gianni, and friends around a long wooden tavern table, for hearty and flavorful Tuscan fare in the warm and delightful company of like minds. The De Marchi's also offer "Tuscany Florence Bed & Breakfast" in their perfectly restored apartment in the heart of Florence. Within walking distance to the historic city center, Il Duomo, Il Mercato Centrale, the Uffizzi, and all the glorious churches, shopping and cafes, this is the ONLY place to stay in Florence. Two bedrooms, tidy kitchen, cozy authentic Tuscan decor, and astonishingly beautiful 15th century ceiling frescoes that capture your gaze and usher you into peaceful and colorful dreams each night. I dream daily of our return to Il Paretaio (Il Paradiso, as I've come to think of it), to the best riding instruction I can remember, focusing on lightness and balance, and to be in the kind, generous, and personable company of Cristina and Gianni. We felt very sad to leave our new friends as we said our good-byes. We will return soon!
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