Riding week for children

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At the end of June we will organize a children's week for unaccompanied children of age 8-16. Cost: € 990 (including full board and accommodation for six nights and all riding activities). Riding activities: lessons for all levels, from absolute beginners to experts. The lessons and other activities will be held in English. Circus school: the circus school is being organized with professional instructors from Scuola di Circo di Torino. The children will learn the aerial disciplines, such as trapeze – fabrics – circles, as well as acrobatic gymnastics. The difficulty of the exercises will be matched to each child’s motorial skills but guaranteeing great results for everyone. They will also learn some juggling numbers, which, as has been proved, help to increase the capacity of concentration, but also of rhythm and patience. All the activities aim to make the children learn while having fun (which is an essential condition for a good learning) and they increase the children’s self-esteem and ability to interact and collaborate with others.
For further information contact us on info@ilparetaio.it.

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