Classical riding and dressage centre in Tuscany Italy

The training method we use is based on traditional equestrian principles, of use to anyone who competes in dressage or jumping.

Our professional and academic training as well as our professional background include many years’ study with Pedro Batista De Almeida, the mentee of master rider Nuno Oliveira. Under his guidance, we have had the opportunity to work with over 100 stallions at the Portuguese State Horse Center. More recently, we have participated in a number of overseas apprenticeships with major traditional riders. We were deeply inspired by the lessons of Charles de Kunffy and Arthur Kottas.

At our horse riding center, we organize courses for dressage beginners. Indeed, many guests compete in jumping and just want to learn the basics of dressage to gain optimal control over their horses.

At Il Paretaio, we run weekly courses all year round, in which people can participate with or without their own horse.

We also have a program specifically designed to prepare horses and riders for jumping, based on the principles that have always defined us: cooperating with the horse, soft use of the aids and finding balance and harmony.